Monday, March 27, 2017


Cotton, with iron and Brazilwood


$22.00, plus shipping




Cotinus and Coreopsis Silk

TWO available.


21x21.5", Silk habotai 12mm


 19.5x22", Silk Habotai 12mm

Cotinus Silk

Silk habotai 12mm, 16.5x22"

$23.00, plus shipping

Cotton and cotinus

Two pieces available as one package, in soft Expressionistic shades of lavender, green, pink and charcoal.

Above #1, front and reverse. 20x14.5"

Below, #2, front and reverse: 14.5x14.5"

Package of 2 fabrics, $18.00 plus shipping. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Feather Moon

Cotton with brazilwood and iron, 18.5x30"

$17.00, plus shipping


Four Seasons



Cotton with iron and brazilwood.

17x31" $16.00 EACH plus shipping


Which one, Sweetie?

Feather Circles

Cotton with rust and brazilwood, 15.5x17.5"

$12.00 each, plus shipping

4 available



Which one, Darling?